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Tips For Staying Calm In A Family Counseling Session

When your teenager is having behavioral troubles, one of the best things you can do is stop trying to solve the issues yourself and, instead, turn to a professional. A family counselor is trained to speak to your child individually, and also with you in the room, to identify the causes behind the challenges and work toward some solutions. These sessions may be a challenge for you — you could find yourself getting upset or frustrated, especially if the sessions reveal information about your teenager that you didn't know. Having a blow-up won't lead to favorable results, so it's important to remain calm as you share your thoughts and feelings. Here are some tips for staying calm.

Remember To Breathe

Remembering to breathe is an effective way to stay calm during a particularly challenging family counseling session. When you hear information that upsets you, it's easy to begin holding your breath. As you do, your body won't be consistently getting enough oxygen, which will only make you feel more stressed and panicked. Focus on slowly inhaling, holding the breath for a moment, and then exhaling slowly. Through this rhythmic pattern, you'll begin to feel calmer, which will allow you to make positive contributions to the session.

Know That The Information Being Shared Is A Good Sign

Many parents don't want to hear the potentially upsetting details about their child's life, such as that he or she has begun smoking or drinking. However, there's no better place to learn such news than in a counselor's office. Additionally, it's important to put things in perspective — the fact that your child is sharing these details with you is a good sign, and one that should hopefully help you feel calm. Without the counseling session, you'd be unlikely to gain this information, which means that you'd be left in the dark and unable to understand and help your child in a meaningful way.

Get Up And Move

Regardless of the seating situation in the counselor's office, there's no harm in occasionally getting up and moving. When you're anxious or upset, being stuck in the same position can lead to more feelings of this nature. The counselor won't likely have a problem with you standing up as a way of alleviating some tension. Some counselors, knowing the value of movement, will even have you and your teenager stand and perform certain movements, such as re-enacting encounters you've had together.

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