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FAQ About Going To A Rehab Center For A Heroin Addiction

Has your spouse been trying to fight a heroin addiction but can't seem to stop? The next step might be for him or her to get treated at a drug rehabilitation center. There will be numerous types of professionals available to assist with the addiction. This article will answer a few of the questions that might come to mind about getting treated at a drug rehabilitation center.

Is Treatment Done On an Outpatient Basis?

Whether or not treatment is done on an outpatient basis will depend on the specific drug rehabilitation center that is chosen. The severity of the heroin addiction will also play a role in your spouse being treated as an outpatient or inpatient. It is likely that a severe addiction to heroin will be treated on an inpatient basis. Your spouse can then be surrounded by professionals at all times.

What Happens During Withdrawal Episodes?

Going through withdrawals is a natural part of overcoming a drug addiction. When your spouse begins having withdrawals, he or she will be administered drugs that can help him or her cope with the symptoms easier. For instance, a drug called methadone is commonly administered to patients who are experiencing heroin withdrawals. The drug is able to provide a high that mimics heroin, but your spouse will not have to experience bad side effects. Methadone decreases heroin cravings as time passes by.

Will There Be a Counselor Around?

There will be a counselor at the drug rehabilitation center to help your spouse begin a positive path. The counselor will get to the root of the heroin addiction by speaking to your spouse about life. The key will be to find out what triggered the addiction so it can be overcome. It is possible that the counselor will also want you to get involved in a few of the sessions, as you will play a role in your spouse's recovery when he or she leaves the center.

What is Treatment Estimated to Cost?

The length of treatment provided will play a role in the price for treatment at a drug rehabilitation center. It is also possible that health insurance will cover a portion of the expenses. If no health insurance is available, expect 60 days of treatment as an outpatient to cost a minimum of $2,000. The minimum price for 30 days as an inpatient is estimated at $6,000.

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