Overcoming Marriage Trouble

2 Ways That Marriage Counseling Can Improve Your Marriage

If you are having marital problems that you and your spouse can't seem to work through on your own, then going to marriage counseling and working with a marriage therapist, like one from Tim Robbins Counseling, may be the best option for you. This article will discuss in more detail two different ways that doing this can help you to improve your marriage. 

It Designates A Time For You To Talk About Your Marriage

At the very least, marriage counseling is going to help you because it forces you to sit down and discuss your marriage and the issues that you are both struggling with. You and your spouse will have an assigned time each week, or multiple times each week, to sit down and talk about your marriage. If you don't attend marriage counseling, you may not even talk about your marriage or your problems at all, but may simply brush them under the rug and hope that they go away and resolve themselves with time. While talking about these issues may not be easy or comfortable at first, discussing them with your therapist is going to allow you to begin the process of acknowledging the issues that you both have, and also try to fix them. 

Your Therapist Will Not Take Sides

When you are discussing marital issues with family members and friends, they are often going to take sides with one person or the other. This has a lot to do with the emotional connection that they have with the person that is telling them about their marital issues because they are going to fiercely defend them. However, this taking sides can often be even more detrimental to a marriage because it simply allows the problems to compound because neither spouse with feel like they are in the wrong and likely won't change. When you visit a therapist, they are not going to take sides with either person because they are impartial to bias. They are rather going to look at the situation from an unbiased perspective that allows them to see the issue as they really are. This will then allow them to best inform the couple on how to fix the issues that each of them have with the other. This is good because both members of the relationship will see that they each are likely somewhat in the wrong and have several things that they can work on.

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Overcoming Marriage Trouble

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