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How To Know When Its Time To Seek A New Counselor

When you are receiving counseling services, you may start to wonder about how the counseling process would go with a different counselor at the helm. That wondering is completely normal. However, there are certain times in which you may want to seek counseling services from a new counselor. Get to know some of those times when you may want to find a new counselor. Then, you can be sure you are doing the right thing for your mental health journey going forward. 

You Feel Frustration Between You and Your Counselor

If the main feeling you get after your counseling sessions is frustration, then you may find yourself in a bad position. Counseling can be frustrating at times, but frustration should not be the main feeling you get from the process all the time. 

Sometimes, you and your counselor will hit a block. However, if you two cannot get past the block after several sessions, it may be time to seek the services of another counselor who may have a different approach to dealing with the issue at hand. 

You Don't Feel Yourself Progressing

If you are going to counseling like clockwork every week and doing what you are told to do and trying to keep up with all of the lessons taught in counseling, but just do not feel like you are progressing or that the techniques are working for you, you are within your rights to try to find a new counselor to help you out. 

Different counselors use different therapeutic methodologies and techniques. Sometimes, one therapist's approach just isn't the right one for you and that's okay. You can find a counselor that uses different approaches to help you grow and progress. 

You Don't Feel a Connection with your Counselor

Counseling services are about the techniques and the lessons, sure. But relationships are also important. If you do not feel a connection with your counselor where you feel comfortable telling them about your past or present life in any way, then you need a different counselor. 

You should feel safe and comfortable sharing your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc. with your counselor in your sessions. If you cannot open up, they cannot help you as well as they should. 

It is not your fault if you can't open up to your first counselor or even your first few counselors. Do not get discouraged. You can find one that you connect with and feel safe with. 

Now that you know some of the ways to tell when it is time to seek a new counselor, you can be sure you are getting the counseling services you need from the right service provider. 

Reach out to a counseling service in your area for more information.

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