Overcoming Marriage Trouble

What Kinds Of Anxiety Disorders Can Be Treated With Anxiety Therapy?

Anxiety can manifest in physical or mental symptoms. When people feel anxious, they may find that their hearts start pounding or their stomachs feel unsettled. Anxiety can cause racing thoughts, feelings of impending doom, and negative feelings about oneself. Anxiety can make it hard to enjoy your life and fulfill your responsibilities. Fortunately, anxiety therapy can help people overcome their anxiety symptoms. Here are four types of anxiety disorders that can be treated with anxiety therapy: Read More 

Common Signs That Indicate You Should Seek Counseling

Counseling is something anyone can do, no matter their age or circumstance. In fact, counseling is a very helpful activity to seek when you have any issues in life that you want to talk about or resolve. If you are unsure whether you need it, check out the following signs that can help you know when you should seek counseling services. You Feel Sad Often While most people experience sadness from time to time, feeling sad all the time is not normal or healthy. Read More 

Can An ADHD Coach Help Your Child?

For many parents, learning that their child has ADHD can be confusing. In fact, some parents wonder if there is anything they can do to help their child with the symptoms they experience. If you are assessing treatment options for ADHD, you might wonder if an ADHD coach is a good option. This is what you need to know. What Does an ADHD Coach Do? ADHD coaches can do a lot for your child. Read More 

How To Know When Its Time To Seek A New Counselor

When you are receiving counseling services, you may start to wonder about how the counseling process would go with a different counselor at the helm. That wondering is completely normal. However, there are certain times in which you may want to seek counseling services from a new counselor. Get to know some of those times when you may want to find a new counselor. Then, you can be sure you are doing the right thing for your mental health journey going forward. Read More 

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Overcoming Marriage Trouble

I have been married a little over 20 years, but that doesn't mean that it has always been easy. My husband and I have had long stretches where we didn't get along that well, and it was really frustrating and overwhelming. However, we were both dedicated to working it out and enduring until the end, which is why we are still married. I wanted to make this blog all about overcoming marriage trouble and how much help professional counseling can be. I know that it really helped me, and I feel like it could help you too. Check out this blog for more information.