Overcoming Marriage Trouble

3 Signs You Could Benefit From Therapy As A Woman

As a female, you have the tendency to get caught up in your own emotions at times because biologically, you can be predisposed to doing so. However, most of the time, the temporary bouts of moodiness are overcome, and you can get on with your life. Unfortunately for some women, getting through a rough period is not so simple, and their emotional outlook can have negative impacts on their day-to-day life. Read More 

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Overcoming Marriage Trouble

I have been married a little over 20 years, but that doesn't mean that it has always been easy. My husband and I have had long stretches where we didn't get along that well, and it was really frustrating and overwhelming. However, we were both dedicated to working it out and enduring until the end, which is why we are still married. I wanted to make this blog all about overcoming marriage trouble and how much help professional counseling can be. I know that it really helped me, and I feel like it could help you too. Check out this blog for more information.